Monday, June 20, 2016

Grace comes in many forms and by many names—and there’s enough in the Universe for everyone

As a Buddhist, I really take to heart the idea of honoring my debt of gratitude to the people who have helped me reach this point in my journey. I have been blessed to have the support of people from many cultures and religious backgrounds who adopted me in their hearts as their sister or daughter, and whom I have adopted into my heart as my family-by-choice.

What I do best is write, so I’ve done a lot of writing lately that has honored some of the key people in my life. Today (Tuesday June 21, 2016), my written tribute to my grandfather, John Christian Huber, goes live in the published book 365 Moments of Grace.

As a contributor to this book, I am excited to promote it on my blog and on my Facebook page. I happened upon the opportunity to contribute to this book by clicking on the link to Jodi Chapman’s Web site from another inspirational writer’s e-newsletter I subscribed to at the time. Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck (her husband and collaborator) are two spiritual motivational writers who create and distribute a variety of inspirational and motivational materials--in addition to what they write in print and on their blogs--to help with the spiritual side of our self-awareness and tapping our nurturing and creative potential.

I found Jodi to be a delightful and very inviting person, who encouraged me to submit to her first book (which I missed the deadline for), and who was very patient with and accommodating of me to get my work in this, the second book of her and Dan Teck’s 365 Series of daily inspiration books.

365 Moments of Grace presents daily stories from a diversity of lovely contributors expressing what grace means to them. My contribution to it is a story combining my Buddhist and interfaith perspectives with some of my Granddaddy's wisdom. Grace for me is an active concept, something to manifest, not something to receive in a passive way. Grace is accessible to anyone; no one has an exclusive right to be blessed by it, or to be the interpretational authority on it. Grace is part of the energy of the Universe, and has been called by different names in different religious traditions. Religions that don't have a concept they call by the name "grace" still have that energy in some form; they just call it something else.

I manifest grace in conjunction with hope, empowerment, and dignity--It's part of a package deal in my life, not something I call upon from outside myself or seek to manifest by itself as an individual force. I feel grace from the unconditional acceptance of the people who love (or who simply highly value) me, and I seek to create it in my interactions. Another manifestation of grace in my life is the fact that, as a human work-in-progress who still makes undignified mistakes and still has lapses in seeing the divine in everyone, I'm not being struck by terrible misfortune or losing the confidence and trust of people who witness my mistakes.

The point of this book is not simply food for thought for our private meditations; it’s meant to give us something we can apply to our lives in some way--Some insight that adds a touch of the divine (or whatever we call the spiritual source energy of the universe) to help us see things differently in some positive way.

My spiritual practice, Nichiren Buddhism, emphasizes the value our spiritual practice has for our daily lives, particularly our efforts to make ourselves and other people happy; that's what I want readers to take to heart from my and the other writers’ stories.

To learn more about the book, click here. To purchase a copy, click here.

Thank you, and happy reading! <3

Image: "Emerging from the Underground Forest," by Karla Joy Huber, 2015; Prismacolor marker and Sharpie marker


  1. I look forward to learning from your wisdom. Although I am a Baha'i, or because I am a Baha'i, I believe people can benefit from the teachings of all the religions. That's the oneness of God/Truth. I hope some of your artwork is in Moments of Grace too!

    1. Thank you so much for reading, Ann, and for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you mentioned the Baha'i Faith ~ I'd love to hear experiences from various faiths, so to those reading, please feel free to share. :)