Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog of news and musings about interfaith relations, thinking spiritually outside the box, the diverse culture and history of southeastern Michigan, gender equality, and anything else relating to the development of a more enlightened and humane citizenry and to the restoration of the sacred to everyday life.

This is a personal, un-sponsored blog, and I do not claim any special authority beyond the merit of my own experiences and scholarship in the areas of spirituality, comparative religion, interfaith relations, intercultural relations, and gender equality.

Many of my posts are intended to promote awareness of particular social-justice and interfaith paradigms, initiatives, and publications, and other posts simply share my reflections as a concerned citizen, volunteer within the interfaith community, and overall enthusiast of spirituality.

My spiritual influences include the Bahá’í Faith, Buddhism, Native American spirituality, Krishna Consciousness Hinduism, Reform Judaism, Christianity, Goddess worship, and nature-based paganism. I’ve always been more of a spiritual free-agent who blends elements from all of the above. [UPDATE: I became a SGI Nichiren Buddhist in 2015, so beyond mid-2015 my perspective is solidly Buddhist, while periodically drawing on my history of multi-faith dabbling.]

It is my wish and my intention that what you read here will help you restore the sacred to your everyday life, in whatever form the sacred takes for you. Namaste.

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